Why Vote Yes?

PHS Facts That Support the Need for This Referendum...

THE NEED– More Space - Pewaukee High School (PHS) has Outgrown Their Existing Facilities

•PHS opened in 1968 with enrollment at 440 students, 2010 we have 735 students, 2011 projections are 775 students.
• The 2010-11 incoming freshman class had a 15% increase since the end of last school year. They consist of new students that moved into the district or students transferred from private schools.
• We have 4 academic classroom teachers currently sharing classrooms at PHS. Based on the current increased enrollment it is inevitable that more classrooms will be shared next year. • Cafeteria is now at student capacity for lunch periods.

THE NEED - Fine Arts Renovation and Expansion!

• The Fine Arts area at PHS was built in 1968 and there has been no expansion to this area since.
• The Auditorium is used for all ASA & PHS fine art performances and seats only 440 people.
• Multiple performances are required for many of the PHS music programs (over 200 students) to offer sufficient seating for families.
• Standing Room Only! - Many grandparents, family, & friends, are required to stand during auditorium events or do not attend because of inadequate seating.
• Sound equipment is original from the 1960's. Fine arts and community events require renting sound equipment at significant expense to the school district.
• PHS has NO space to offer practice rooms for the Band and Choir students. Lack of adequate fine arts space has impact on student interest of these programs.
• Inadequate storage for band uniforms & instruments, drama props & sets adds unnecessary costs to each department.
• Enrollment in Art Courses has outgrown its designated area, forcing classes to be delivered in rooms not designed for art curriculum.
• Insufficient classroom space limits maximum student enrollment in Graphic Design courses.

THE NEED – Replacement Gym!
• Due to high volume of activities, the current gymnasium is at capacity causing scheduling issues for community events.
• Limited gym space causes significant challenges in scheduling youth practices.
• As graduating classes increase in size, seating will become progressively more difficult at commencement ceremonies.

THE NEED – Keep Costs Down and Provide Community and Economic Value!
• The impact on our taxes with this referendum is only .15/$1000 of home value.
• Interest rates are at a 40-year low with a fixed cost. Now is the time to invest.
• Tax dollars will create local jobs for the construction industry. • Strong schools and community facilities increase property values.
• Educational tax dollars are an investment in the future. MEET THE NEED - Vote Yes!

THE PROPOSAL – Only One Referendum Question!
• Construct and equip 8 new classrooms to accommodate population growth.
• Remodel existing auditorium for band, choir, art & graphic classroom space.
• Remodel, renovate & expand current competition gym into a 750 seat auditorium & cafeteria.
• Construct replacement gym.

Why wait? Vote YES by absentee ballot now!
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